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Transformation: A Metamorphosis during the life cycle of a Space

Project Location: Bangalore | Project Completion: 2018.

There’s something about firsts, isn’t it? They’re special & have a way of etching their memory into one’s minds. This bedroom transformation was one of Studio Ruh's firsts, & it’s always going to have our heart!

Located on the second floor of a private residential apartment community, this Bangalore home is nestled in a dense urban nucleus of the city. The site & our client’s demeanor were reflective of one another – a modern outlook weaved in with hints of tradition.

The rest of the Residence had a persona that was put together using a palette of contemporary materiality. Marble, Corian, Veneer & various segments of Wallpapers composed the milieu of the home which was also interspersed with traditional art & handicrafts from across the country.

Day 0 - Site Situation

The client needed us to make-over the Guest Bedroom in particular. The pivotal factors to be kept in mind were all related to the function of the space & how the compact blueprint could have amplified efficiency for the use of long-term guests. (seen below)

The existing room housed a disused bay window with a fitted-in window AC unit. A double bed anchored to a corner occupied two walls. The half-height drapes over the bay window were never opened to bring in the lush views of the outside & the existent study table below the window wasn’t effectively used by the occupants.

The desk was connected to the wardrobe area which provisioned for storage in the room, all concealed behind a deep-tone veneer paneling. To the right side of the desk was an alcove for additional bric-a-brac. All-in-all it seemed like a space that had lost the correlation amidst function, aesthetic & a feel-good factor.

Game Plan in Action

Our eyes were fixated on that glorious bay window which needed some essential TLC. By opening out this section what transformed was the amount of natural light that filtered into the room & the views of the foliage outdoors. Everything was instantaneously lighter & brighter!

The AC was switched out for a split unit type which allowed us to place the indoor unit above the bay window & the outdoor unit mounted on the external wall out of sight. The indoor AC unit’s ductwork was neatly packed into a plywood boxing which made the whole setup look seamless.

We had the other electrical minutiae also detailed & executed to a ‘t’. This technical aspect of design is planned out on the basis of keeping space utilization, practicality & aesthetics in place. We assessed that zones like the bedsides, vanity nook & wardrobes will require task lighting and then proceeded plan the ambiant lighting. We provisioned for small 1-Watt downlights in front of the wardrobe panels & this process was followed by the false ceiling being erected into place.

The gorgeous existing marble floor in the room we decided to polish & retain. The flooring was in great condition & was common across the home. Also, it’s important to celebrate the beauty of something that can be preserved!

The former wardrobe shutters were switched out for mirrored fronts that would visually increase brightness in the room & give it an added sense of space while also being of utility to the resident guests.

The three wall panels adjacent to the wardrobe shutters were framed in a similar fashion using brushed brass frames which is also seen in the skirting across the room.

The stellar pastel minaret print from Vaya Home sourced from Home Stories was mounted on foam bases to form the panels.

This brought in that femininity & subtle hue into the space effortlessly, reflecting the elegance of neoteric Indianized elements.

The room’s walls were also wrapped in a stated silk-textured wallpaper to give it an elevated look.

It’s All in the Details

The various pieces in this room including furniture, lighting & accents were all custom designed & built to bring in an ultimate sense of curated comfort into the space. Each layer of design is thought through, detailed to perfection by the team & explained to the vendors for execution - to offer our clients the ultimate joy of inhabiting a space.

Slender wall lights, minimal brass frame mirror & floating brass shelves complete the vanity nook. The custom purple-hued velvet upholstered ottoman adds panache to this corner. The sleek bedside table has a solid white marble base & brushed brass top created by AKFD,Jaipur.

The bay window was fitted in with a custom made teakwood bench to take in those beautiful views. The Window frames were matched in finish to keep the look cohesive. All the hardware on the windows & wardrobe doors was curated by the team.

The bed was custom made in blush-tone leather & deep grey textured fabric by Home Stories. The cushions & pillows on the bed add that touch of ease & the purple bolster just tops off the ensemble perfectly.

Manifesting the Vision into Reality

It’s truly the thrill & anticipation through a design journey that makes the final outcome so rewarding! The guest bedroom has metamorphosed into an amalgamation of classical elements with the new. There’s pleasure in watching a space come to life that functions better, adds value to the user’s day-to-day life & is inviting.

We’ll always regard this process as unequivocally special because we had the opportunity to conjure into reality a part of someone’s home that has experienced renewed purpose & is experiential in its essence.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this transformation!

Until next time.

Team Ruh! xx

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